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Have presentations professionally created.

Your investment.

Why PassDeck?



We offer professional design skillsto make presentations visually appealing and effective, which makes the Attention of your audience and your public image uniformly consistent becomes a reality.



The use of our service saves time for youas we take care of the entire conception and design process, while you can concentrate on other important tasks can.



We are guided by your individual needs and the brand identity of your company to create a Customized end result to deliver. In doing so, we draw on no white templates or other templates, but instead produce each presentation completely individual to.



We have comprehensive knowledge in the use of PowerPoint functions and can advanced techniques such as animations, AI integration, interactivity and graphic design. As well as the technical realization in your company, whether it is the central control of the PowerPoint master or the Ensuring correct presentation across your company.



We guarantee a Consistent and professional presentation of contentwhich strengthens the brand image and increases credibility. Because your presentation at events is often the first impact of your companyeven before the first business card is issued.



By working with us, you can benefit from benefit from innovative and creative ideasto make their presentations more convincing and memorable. Whether it's the type of presentation or even the location, like our own headquarters in the Metaverse in Web 3.0.


Error avoidance

We check and correct content, layouts and spelling to avoid errors and ensure a ensure flawless presentationas we are working with a look over it with an "unfamiliar eye" and critically question content that may have somehow become established or crept in over time.



We offer individual consulting services to help you choose the right best presentation methods, storytelling techniques and design guidelines.



A well-designed presentation can increase the impact and Increase persuasivenessin order to Communicate messages more effectively and goals.


Competitive advantage

By booking our expertise for high-quality presentations, you can You stand out from the competition and leave a positive impression on your audience.

When time is of the essence!

You need your PowerPoint presentation very urgently? No problem, with FastPass you have
the possibility
to book individual delivery times.

FastPass PassDeck Overnight PowerPoint Agency Presentation One

Delivery within one working day as of order confirmation.

FastPass PassDeck Overnight PowerPoint Agency Presentation Two

Delivery within two working days
as of order confirmation.

FastPass PassDeck Overnight PowerPoint Agency Presentation Three

Delivery within three working days
as of order confirmation.



Frequently asked questions

A presentation agency performs several tasks that go far beyond those of a traditional advertising agency.

First, we survey the composition of the target audience and understand what message needs to be conveyed according to the company's communication goals. The next step is to create a storyline, that is, to design the content so that it captures and holds the audience's attention. Finally, design is used as a functional means of conveying the message so that it sticks in the audience's mind.

We have experience with customers of all sizes in all industries. Over 100 customers worldwide, from start-ups to medium-sized businesses and public-sector bodies to major international clients, benefit from our services.

We will be happy to send you a link with a selection of slides from our references after the initial contact.
Since our customers naturally also have sensitive data in their presentations, we only use coordinated slides and do not display them publicly on the site. For us, the protection of data and trust is paramount.

Of course! You will receive a PowerPoint file from us after the final approval, which you are welcome to edit further.

For this purpose we have created the FastPass. If you have it very urgent, you can book our "FastPass One" and you will receive your presentation already 24h after order confirmation. Furthermore we have the "FastPass Two" with a processing time of two or "FastPass Three" with three working days. Our regular processing time after order confirmation is five working days.

Our designers work with the highest precision and accuracy to integrate your corporate design specifications into the presentation. Be it a grid, colors, fonts, spacing, sizes or imagery, all this is possible.
With a lot of dedication to the subject and passion for design, we create an individual design for your presentation. We are happy to advise you here in advance about the possibilities and the process.

"FixDeck", "NewDeck" or a "MasterDeck"? Send us your request free of charge via our Contact form and briefly describe what you need, we will be happy to advise you on what is suitable and makes sense for you.

No, our work processes mean that we are in constant contact with our clients to deliver the most beautiful and customized presentations on the market.

Our production is completely internal and secure. We are also accustomed to signing non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) upon request.

Okay, what do you have up your sleeve?

Our services will make your presentation shine.
We have the right option for every need.